LA+ Journal

Interdisciplinary Journal of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Second issue set to release October 2015!

Editor-in-Chief Tatum L. Hands


LA+ (Landscape Architecture Plus) from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design is the first truly interdisciplinary journal of landscape architecture. Within its pages you will hear not only from designers, but also from historians, artists, lawyers, psychologists, ecologists, planners, scientists, philosophers, and many more. Our aim at LA+ is to reveal connections and build collaborations between landscape architecture/urban design and other disciplines by exploring each issue's theme from multiple perspectives. The journal features a range of contribution types including essays, interviews, design criticism, graphic features, illustrations, and “provocations” (short-form pieces designed to provoke, as the term indicates).

LA+ brings you a rich collection of contemporary thinkers and designers in two lavishly illustrated issues annually. For institutional pricing, please contact


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Spring & Fall Biannual
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Issue 002: LA+ PLEASURE

We design cities, landscapes, and products for many reasons but as much as anything we do so for pleasure. From the new horizons of global tourism to the design of your local park, from the acceptable to the illicit, this issue of LA+ charts the economy, psychology and, above all, the spatiality of pleasure. LA+ PLEASURE explores how the production and consumption of pleasure impacts our cities, our landscapes and ourselves.


LA+ PLEASURE has an exciting line-up of global writers from architecture, planning, environmental psychology, philosophy, history, marketing & tourism, cultural studies, geography, sociology, art, and landscape architecture. For more information and updates, join the mailing list on the journal's website.

Issue 001: LA+ WILD

Contributors to the LA+ WILD issue have written on topics touching the concept of WILD and its role in design, large-scale habitat and species conservation, scientific research, the human psyche, and aesthetics. They have been drawn from disciplines as diverse as evolutionary ecology, biology, visual arts, bioengineering, landscape architecture, planning, architecture, climatology, environmental history, philosophy, and literature.