2012 WAF Winners Atelier Ten and Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Supernature: How Wilkinson Eyre Made a Hothouse Cool, by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, and Green House : Green Engineering: Environmental Design at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore, by Atelier Ten, feature the conservatories that won the 2012 World Architecture Festival's 'World Building of the Year' award. 

The Gardens by the Bay project was worked on by a team of engineering and architectural firms including the prestigous Atelier Ten and Wilkinson Eyre, and features the largest climate-controlled greenhouses in the world. With a focus on showcasing the environmental efficiency needed in today's increasingly at-risk world in terms of the effects of climate change, Gardens by the Bay consists of a selection of distinct ecosystems that explore the relationship between plants and people, and plants and our planet. 

Blog discusses the winning project (, and the project and award details can be found in the World Buildings Directory Online Database at 


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