Architects+Artisans review Classic & Modern

Classic + Modern: Signature Styles, which features 14 projects from a pair of our favorite architects, Dennis Wedlick and Alan Barlis, is featured in a review on Architects+Artisans, who call the book and the work inside it a  joyful “ride exploring the evolution of design as it’s being crafted.”

Classic + Modern, out now from ORO Editions, showcases 14 amazing projects on every scale, from 800 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft., and the details on how Wedlick and Barlis blend their perspective of place with their client’s to “allow the architecture to respond to both.”

The result is a book that explores a series of work that Architects + Artisans describes as “traditional and modern all at once,” and displays a exquisite “timelessness through proportion, scale and materials.”

Classic + Modern: Signature Styles is out now, from ORO Editions, $50

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