Architectural Business Reviews The Language of Luxe

The LANGUAGE of LUXE by Ed Ng & Terence Ngan
Publisher: Oro Editions
Review By: Robert Sawyer, Editor

AB Concept has redefined poignancy in craftsmanship of details and creates a new vernacular out of thin air. Without resorting to overblown classical elements the Language of LUXE illustrates beautifully an entirely new standard for both commercial and residential architecture. As much of the world spins towards homogenization in that you wake up in Hong Kong and you might as well be in Charleston, this book defines a new sense of space, one that readily calls upon the reality of the location as well as the omnipotent promise of what it can be.
Through careful study of the programmatic requirements the authors have demonstrated that beauty truly is in the details. These details are clearly at the fore of the design, and details are the driving force behind all that is constructed. Architecture has long been about deriving meaning from intangibles and every page of this book shows us how easily this can be done, though few actually do it. Ed Ng & Terence Ngan are to be congratulated not only for a fine job of archiving the impressive work and text but also for leading us into a new direction, one defined by a new language, The Language of LUXE.

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