BarlisWedlick Architects Meet the Present with Presence

Alan Barlis, AIAand Dennis Wedlick, AIA, have always been more interested in producing architecture than being ahead or behind their time. Their newest book, available right now from ORO Editions "covers the past 10 years of the firm’s output, the large-format volume showcases 17 projects, each of which represents a different client’s “signature style.”

In a review posted by Residential Architecture, A Magazine of the American Institute of Architects, the book "illustrates the breadth of the partners’ range and the depth of their fluency." Writer Bruce Snider appreciates the book as an in-depth study of architects who "are very much architects of their time." He goes on to discuss the historical and technological dimension of BarlisWedlick's work.

Citing that some architects are easily caught in the struggle for acknoledging site history and developing progressive design solutions, Snider finishes his review saying that Classic+Modern may by the perfect synthesis of both, "For all its historical affinities, this may be what truly contemporary residential architecture looks like."

You can read the full review here:

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