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Our bestseller Tropical Experiences introduces a series of design stories with provocative story lines around some of Mark de Reus & de Reus Architects' most prominent projects- in locations as exotic and far-flung as Hawai'i, Mexico, Belize, and China. Each of the stories reveals the search that is inherent in the architectural design effort to evoke the spirit of each place by noting the unique circumstances for each client and property. The stories delve into planning and design aspects that reveal how spirit of place contributes to design meaning, and how creative expression can be discovered in pragmatic problem-solving. Within the stories, we uncover comparisons to ancient work in Kyoto and Bali, to underscore the significance of timeless principles in creating a harmonic living environment that stems directly from the natural circumstances of the land and culture.

Tropical Experience gives readers an overview of the creative design process utilized by the firm: one that fuses a variety of influences by combining the formal and informal, the permanent and ephemeral, the monumental and intimate, to achieve an integrated vision that is simultaneously familiar and new. Aside from project descriptions that underscore the aesthetic and pragmatic considerations taken by de Reus Architects, the book also includes an exploration of ancient villages in Tenganan, Bali and Katsura Village Kyoto, Japan that shed light on the influences and considerations behind a classical and humanistic design process that is embedded in the circumstances of these locations. A series of sketches, photographs, and essays delve into topics ranging from craftsmanship, to site planning, to sacred architecture, and the unique demands of integrating host and guest communities in destination resorts.

"Spirit" is the intangible yet significant and even experientially transformative quality behind what endears people to a place or building. This book reveals the design philosophy of de Reus Architects: searching for design innovation by embracing tradition and timelessness, while applying modern and sustainable sensibilities.

About the Authors:

Mark de Reus leads de Reus Architects with 30 years of experience delivering architectural services to private clients and developers. His professional portfolio includes planning and design of new communities, multi-faceted projects, resorts, hospitality, clubhouses, spas, restaurants, wineries, retail and residences. He has received numerous design awards and has been published in periodicals including Architectural Digest. His work has been selected for several books and was featured on HGTV's "Amazing Waterfront Homes."

Joseph Giovannini has written on architecture and design for three decades for such publications as the New York Times, Architectural Record, Art in America, Art Forum and Architecture Magazine. He has also served as the architecture critic for New York Magazine and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and is currently a contributor to numerous publications including Architectural Digest. 

Mr. Giovannini, a graduate of Yale, also has a Master of Arts degree in French Language and Literature from La Sorbonne, Paris, Middlebury College Program as well as a Master of Architecture Degree from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. He has won numerous awards, grants and honors from the Art World Magazine/Manufacturer's Hanover Trust for distinguished newspaper architectural criticism, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Graham Foundation and commendations from the Los Angeles Chapter of the AIA and the California Council of the AIA. While serving as the Architecture and Urban Design critic at the Los Angeles Herald Examiner in 1983 he was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Bruce W. Carpenter is an acknowledged expert in several fields of Indonesian art, both antique and modern, and has written scores of articles for international and local magazines on subjects as diverse as Indonesian tribal gold and traditional tribal healing. Author of the much acclaimed books Willem Hofker: Painter of Bali, and W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp: First European Artist in Bali, Carpenter has also been a contributor to and co-author of several books, including a collection of short stories and the poetry anthology A Bonsai's Morning. A resident of Bali, Mr. Carpenter is dedicated to the promotion of traditional and contemporary art in Indonesia, he is currently one of the directors of Ganesha Gallery, a non-profit gallery, for whom he has helped organize numerous exhibitions and authored and edited several noteworthy catalogues, including Ida Bagus Nyoman Rai and the Sanur School of Art and Bali Icons.

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