Cities W/O Ground Aids a Bloggers Daydream


When we're confined to our indoor spaces, it can be helpful to have a guidebook for those imaginary walks around the world. John Hill, from the blog A Daiy Dose of Architecture, did just that in his review of Cities Without Ground from Adam Frampton, Jonathan D. Solomon, and Clara Wong.

The book, currently out from ORO Editions, focuses on the above- and below-grade walkways that traverse large sections of the city. Having admittedly never been to Hong Kong, Hill still says “this guide is unique.”

 As John Hill writes, “I like the idea (especially having never visited Hong Kong) of taking a virtual stroll around Shun Tak Centre and Sheung Wan, for example, watching the tourists come and go from the casinos, then jostling past other passengers as I make my way to the Fabric Bazaar, passing "Save the Children" activists and a giant newscast on the way. It's a walk in my imagination, but one I wouldn't have taken otherwise without this guidebook.”

You can read the full review here:


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