Dennis Wedlick Talks Process and Inspiration with Hudson Valley Magazine

Hailed by Hudson Valley Magazine as “multiple award-winners, if not recognized as geniuses just yet,” architects, Dennis Wedlick and Alan Barlis, have created homes that run the gamut in style, reflecting influences from Alexander Jackson Davis’s picturesque Hudson River Bracketed dwellings of the 1800s, to the glassy, mid-century minimalism of Philip Johnson (with whom Wedlick apprenticed for a dozen years).


Mr. Wedlick sat down with Hudson Valley reporter, Lynn Hazlewood, to discuss how he “takes the opposite approach, encouraging clients to express their dreams, ideas, and wishes so that their home reflects their own style,” and his new book, out now from ORO Editions.


When asked about the book, Wedlick replied: 

The purpose of the book is to show the fundamentals of building on the strengths of two very different approaches: modernism with touches of classicism, and classicism with modern ways of living. I hope people will buy the book and then go to historic homes — to Olana, for example — to understand how those people translated their own lives and environments and fantasies into physical works of art. To miss the enjoyment of architecture is to be deprived.

Wedlick goes on to describe how he and his firm, BarlisWedlick Architects, “make homes that are more about [the client] than about the firm they hired.”


And while they acutely observe the desires of their clients, they perfectly balance the capabilities of the site with story-telling aesthetics. “What one person calls classical, another person might not. We don’t want to design a weak modern house because someone likes classicism, and we don’t want weak classicism because the house needs to be updated for modern living,” says Wedlick.


But as Ms. Hazlewood admits, “ even though their designs are inspired by classics, none are slavish reproductions.”


In Classic & Modern: Signature Styles (ORO Editions, $50), Wedlick and Barlis tell the stories of 13 different homes, each chosen because it best exemplifies the message in the title. All blend the solid principles of the classics with the demands of modern life.

You can read the full interview here:

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