Design World Abuzz Over Cities Without Ground

One of our latest titles, the acclaimed Cities Without Ground, is receiving fantastic reviews! This discussion and breakdown of planning and building cities in this increasingly populated world stands apart from those in other books on urbanism, providing a dynamic understanding of 21st-century public-private spatial relationships. 

Popular blog focuses on the exploration of Asian culture, travel, technology, and the like.  Blog owner David aptly describes the impact Cities Without Ground is having in the architectural and design world:

"Until now traditional two-dimensional maps have been woefully inadequate at displaying these dense layers of information but a group of academics and architects have co-authored a book which comprehensively documents these walkways using highly detailed 3D drawings/models. Cities Without Ground: A Hong Kong Guidebook, by Adam Frampton, Jonathan D. Solomon and Clara Wong, provides a totally fresh perspective on Hong Kong and the result is frankly amazing (via Atlantic Cities)."

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