HOUR 25 and ORO Awarded for Breakthrough Book

Initiated and edited by a group of students at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Architecture, HOUR 25 inspires architectural discourse through highlights of the year's best student works and a chronicle of the department itself. The book actively engages the reader’s critical thinking towards the built environment, both locally and globally, and has been acknowledged as a creative gem.

A production milestone, HOUR 25 demonstrates cutting-edge application of unique, unparalleled printing and binding technology. Each page is die-cut, using a step-and-repeat engineer process to exhibit an 8-minute interval-with each 8-minute timeframe featured on a spread, 360 pages chronicle the demanding 24-hour design process in an architectural workshop, while providing a window into contemporary design education.

HOUR 25 won the Champion of "The Best Creative Printing Award," as well as the Merit Award of "Specialty Printing" at the 24th Hong Kong Print Awards. HOUR 25 also received Recognition of Merit for the upcoming 2012 Publishing Professionals West Book Show, for a trade/image-driven book. 

For its breakthrough work on the project, ORO Editions was recognized by Graphic Design USA and awarded the American Graphic Design Award for 2012. 


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