Just Launched: The Mythic Modern: Architectural Expeditions into the Spirit of Place



Released Fall 2012!

A decade and a half ago, Travis Price, FAIA, created the Spirit of Place/Spirit of Design (SPSD) design/build, educational exploration program for architecture students at the Catholic University of America to provide students the opportunity to research, design, and construct a project in nine days in a remote landscape once a year, and the program continues to this day. The design philosophy of SPSD enunciates a crucial turning point in modernism, which, while replete with Green underpinnings, takes a critical look at the preservation of authenticity and character in a contemporary design language. Mythic Modern tells tales of the adventures of building installations, which in turn tell their own tales about revived cultural legacies.

A plethora of amazing National Geographic-quality photographic images are displayed along with action stories by photographers such as Ken Wyner, Chris Rainier, and Eamon O'Boyle. The visual record includes a superb library of project images showing the design process, key indigenous peoples, construction action, human-interest stories, finished projects, and exotic landscapes.

About the Authors:

Travis Price, FAIA, is a multiple award-winning architect, philosopher, and innovator in environmentally sound architecture. A former consultant to the Carter administration on alternative energy policy, Price has designed architecture for over 30 years completing such projects as the world's largest solar building (the TVA's one-million-square-foot complex); planned new urbanist town developments from Virginia to Uganda; designed an array of stunning individual residences, commercial properties, and institutional monuments (e.g., the new Explorers Hall for the National Geographic Society, Oseh Shalom Synagogue, and St. John's College Library); as well as creating a line of furniture.  A popular lecturer at Yale, Harvard, and the National Geographic Society, as well as adjunct faculty member at Carnegie Mellon and the Catholic University of America, Price has received numerous AIA awards, has been featured in several films and television programs, and is widely published in journals and books internationally. He has run the Spirit of Place design/build expeditions for Catholic University for over eighteen years while serving as the graduate director for the Cultures/Sacred/Modernism Concentration. He lives, teaches, and practices  in Washington, D.C. when not somewhere exploring the world.

Wade Davis is a noted anthropologist, ethnobotanist, author, and photographer whose work has focused on indigenous cultures, including his 1985 best-seller, The Serpent and the Rainbow. Widely published, and a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence as well as a research associate of the Institute of Economic Botany of the New York Botanical Garden, and a board member of the David Suzuki Foundation, Ecotrust, Future Generations, and Cultural Survival, his work has taken him to Peru, Borneo, Tibet, the high Arctic, the Orinoco Delta of Venezuela, and northern Kenya, to name a few. Davis's credits include hosting and co-writing the 13-part television series Earthguide and Light at the Edge of the World.

Professor Stanley Hallet, FAIA, is the former Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning of The Catholic University of America in Washington D.C., where he continues to teach. He was a Volunteer in the Peace Corps in Tunisia, a Fulbright Scholar, and has taught in places a varied as Italy and Afghanistan.

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