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ORO Editions’ recently published Green: House, Green: Architecture chronicles the sustainable engineering behind Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Designed by premier environmental engineering firm Atelier Ten, the one-billion-dollar, green development project is single-handedly redefining Singapore as an international exemplar of sustainable practices. Nestled along the shores of Singapore Bay, Gardens of the Bay has already become the fourth most popular tourist attraction as of 2012.

Housing the world’s two largest public biomes, each conservatory within Gardens by the Bay recreates different environments, one replicating a “Mediterranean spring” and the other a “cool mountain forest.” The latter includes a 40-meter-high, man-made mountain, as well as the world’s highest indoor waterfall. The cooling system in these biomes will be carbon neutral in the course of a year, utilizing an array of innovative strategies, including the redirection of Singapore’s waste material to be used as a source of biomass heating.

In addition, the project employs the use of artificial “supertrees,” which are up to 50 meters tall. These supertrees will provide cool and dry air for the biomes, harvest rainwater for irrigation and even generate power through photovoltaic panels. Beyond their practicality, the supertrees are artfully draped in a stunning array of blooming botanicals and provide a spectacular light show at night.

Gardens by the Bay won the 2012 World Architecture Festival’s World Building of the Year Award, and previously the 2010 Green Good Design Award, evidence of the project’s revolutionizing of the field of environmental design. The team of progressive engineers at Atelier Ten successfully integrated the principles of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, while dealing with the unprecedented challenges of green engineering within Singapore’s humid environment. Founded by Patrick Bellew and with focus in architectural sustainability since 1990, Atelier Ten now has international offices in Glasgow, New York, New Haven, San Francisco and Abu Dhabi.

Learn more about Atelier Ten and Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay by purchasing Green: House, Green: Engineering, and follow the links below to explore different aspects of the amazing project:

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