The New York Times talks to Dennis Wedlick about the Perfectly Passive

The New York Times talks to Dennis Wedlick about the Perfectly Passive

Dennis Wedlick, co-author of Classic + Modern: Signature Styles, was featured in an article in the Home section of the New York Times last week.

Speaking to Anne Raver of the New York Times, Wedlick describes his enthusiasm for passive houses that efficiently control the interior climate through insulation and design strategies in harmony with nature, which “shade the house in summer, yet allow the lower-angled rays of winter sun in.” The results are homes that “cost 84 percent less to cool and 99 percent less to heat than a conventional home of the same size; and on a 90-degree day, it was a comfortable 70 degrees indoors.”

According to Wedlick and the NY Times, “passive-house design offers an obvious way to reduce energy consumption,” which is especially important considering the impact modern living has on the environment and the potential for extreme climate in the future.

The article tells the story of his first home, purchased with his partner Curt DeVito, and their struggles to build it, through which began his immersion in the passive house movement. In total Wedlick, has designed “some 80 passive-solar houses, ranging in size from 1,000 to 8,000 square feet, and 9 passive projects, including 2 town houses for Habitat for Humanity, a church and an office for a transformer recycling company.”

Wedlick’s favorite homes, who he designed with his architectural partner, Alan Barlis, can be seen in Classic + Modern: Signature Styles, out now from ORO Editions.

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