ORO Partners with Australian Publisher Uro Media

     ORO Editions is pleased to announce a new publishing partnership with Uro Media, a specialist publisher dedicated to the creation of authoritative and critically rigorous books on architecture and design. Uro Media, based in Australia, is jointly publishing nine books about Australian architecture with ORO; these titles include: From the Ground Up: 20 Stories of a Life in Architecture (, MULTITUDES: HASSELL 1938-2013 (, Paul Morgan Architects (, Hightide (, Lacoste + Stevenson: Architecture Stories (, Semi-Detached (, Robin Dods: Selected Works (, Falls the Shadow (, and The Private Life of Public Architecture ( These works shed light on the work of some of Australia’s most prominent architectural practices, explore the limitless possibilities of Australian architecture, and provide an insider’s view into the designers of some of Australia’s most prominent buildings. They have been recognized by organizations like Architecture Australia, ABC radio’s program ‘By Design’, and Architectural Review Asia Pacific. 

     Falls the Shadow has won the Bates Smart Award for Architecture in the Media, Australia’s most prestigious media award for journalists, editors, producers and others reporting on architecture and design. These books have been recognized for their thoroughness, intellect, and thoughtfulness in multiple publications. ORO Editions and Uro Media are pleased to present this stunning assortment of books detailing many facets of Australian architecture and the brains behind it. If any or all of these incredible titles interest you, please visit or to purchase a copy. 


Featured Books

Organic Architecture Beyond Frank Lloyd Wright

Randolph C. Henning


Richard Saul Wurman

A Richard Saul Wurman and Jack Dangermond Publication





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