Taylor Cullity Lethlean Wins WAF Award

At this year's World Architecture Festival in Singapore, Australian firm Taylor Cullity Lethlean won the 2014 Landscape of the Year award. TCL won the award for their National Arboretum in Canberra, Australia. Congratulations to Taylor Cullity Lethlean! ORO Editions' Taylor Cullity Lethlean book highlights 18 of the award winning firm's projects and is available now.

Project Description:

The design of Australia’s National Arboretum was selected via an international design competition following the devastating Canberra bush fires of 2003.  The winning concept; 100 Forests, comprises forests with 100 of the world’s most endangered tree species. 100 Forests redefines the meaning of public garden in the 21st century. Growing out of very real issues of sustainability, biodiversity, and public environmental concern; 100 Forests is a strategy, a program and an ongoing event, not a design based chiefly on aesthetics.

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