A JLF & Associates and Big-D Signature Collaboration


William Hjortsberg


JLF Design Build is known for their ability to create work that captures the romantic and wild spirits of Western United States, built on the principles of old world craftsmanship. These foundations joined with a contemporary design philosophy create the grandeur of place in the outside world as a treasure reflected within a home. THE WORK OF ART exposes and celebrates the PROCESS from concept to creation, featuring distinct imagery of homes and the craftsmen who build them.


12 x 10"
Trade Cloth
Publication date: 
October 1, 2014
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Before there was a house, there was a place. Raw, untouched swaths straddling a foundation tens of millions of years in the making. Beckoning with promise. Shaped by seasons. Witness to weather. Looming peaks and rolling valleys brimming with life-force. Amidst these fertile landscapes a seed was sown. Pieced together with a pioneering verve-one beam at a time, stone next to stone, one brick shouldered against the next-a roof and four walls emerged along with the architecture of the American West. From utilitarian function to structural works of art, these archetypal ingredients are essential to the JLF Design Build process. Through distinctive building materials and avant-garde technique, an award-winning perspective was born. Today, we are a collaboration of architects, artisans, woodworkers, stonemasons, blacksmiths, creators, dreamers, philosophers, and pragmatists-delivering more than three decades of timeless structures rooted in integrity and simple elegance.

With a footprint that spans rocky mountain landscapes to bucolic expanses of eastern bearings, JLF Design Build has contributed its mark to an anthology of iconic place-based architecture. Powered by inspired design and an exacting eye for placement, our ethos stems from a unity of nature, beauty, balance, and imagination. Welcome to The Work of Art—a continuum of a process that knows no limit.

 The Work of Art exposes and celebrates the Process from concept to creation, featuring distinct imagery of homes and the craftsmen who build them.

About the author: 

JLF Design Build was created by the principals of JLF & Associates, Inc., a nationally recognized architecture and planning firm, and Big-D Signature, a nationally prominent construction management company.  Collectively, they recognized the flaws and conflicts in traditional project delivery and sought a different way.  JLF Design Build provides unsurpassed design-build services, working with each client to design a structure that meets their needs, expresses their individuality, and finds a life of its own.