Ennead Profile Series 5 - Boxset

Ennead Architects


The Profile Series is comprised of books on single buildings, which together communicate the firm’s sensibilities. Corresponding to Ennead Architects’ philosophy of creating a singular and appropriate architectural response to the particular program, site, and client conditions, each book is, itself, a distinct reflection of the individual building and its makers.

The Designer of the building is deeply involved in the book’s design and evolution: the building is translated, shared and re-explored for the reader from the intimate perspective of the architect who designed it.  The result is a presentation of architecture that is fresh, at times messy and never didactic. Each title includes the Ennead Architects four digit numerical code, used to identify the project for in-house accounting and other identification purposes.  The first two numbers represent the year in which the job was awarded. The second two numbers indicate how many projects were awarded that year.

The set includes:  

*  Common Ground - Schermerhorn House (tr), 978-1-935935-36-0

*  National Museum of American Jewish History (tr), 978-1-935935-37-7 

*  The Ohio State University - Peter L. and Clara M. Scott Laboratory (tr), 978-1-935935-34-6

*  Williams College Paresky Center (tr), 978-1-935935-35-3


7 1/2 x 9 1/4"
Boxed Set / Slipcased / Casebound
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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
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The Ennead Profile Series 5 is a boxed of four books on angle buildings that communicate the firm's sensibilities. In line with the Ennead Architects' philosophy of creating a singular architectural response to the particular program, site, and client conditions, each book is a distinct reflection of the individual building. The structures explore in the fifth series include Common Ground's Schermerhorn House in Brooklyn, Syracuse University's Newhouse School of Public Communication, the Peter L. and Clara M. Scott Laboratory at Ohio State University, and the Paresky Center at Wiliiams College.

About the author: 

Known for powerful building designs for cultural, educational, scientific and not-for-profit institutions, Ennead Architects, formerly Polshek Partnership, is a 150-person New York City firm. Projects have been published internationally and recognized with numerous awards for design excellence. The firm's research-based design process sponsors the creation of signature building designs that are expressive of an institution's philosophy and vision and address each project's unique programmatic, technical, aesthetic and environmental issues.