Conway Urban Watershed Framework Plan

The winners of the LafargeHolcim Awards 2017 winners for North America have been announced in Chicago, USA.


The prize-winning projects and their teams show how the leading edge of sustainable design means reaching far beyond “common sense”. Their approaches use proven instruments that are cleverly applied to improve the quality of life. So the world builds better.

Urban watershed framework plan

Main Author's
Stephen Luoni - University of Arkansas, Community Design Center, Fayetteville, USA
Further Authors
Jonathan Martinez - University of Arkansas, Community Design Center, Fayetteville, USA; Kay Curry - University of Arkansas, Community Design Center, Fayetteville, USA; Allison Lee Thurmond Quinlan - Flintlock Architecture & Landscape, Fayetteville, USA; Cory Amos - Modus Studio, Fayetteville, USA; -NO NAME- - University of Arkansas, Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering; -NO NAME- - Miller Boskus Lack Architects, Fayetteville, USA; Marty Matlock - University of Arkansas, Office for Sustainability; David Jimenez - CDR Studio Architects, New York City, USA; Jeffrey E. Huber - Florida Atlantic University, Wilton Manors, USA; Jay Williams - Tuscon, USA; Jessica Ann Hester - Verdant Studio, Rogers, USA; James McCarty - Beaver Water District, Lowell, USA; Robert Quinten McElvain - Camas, USA; Scott Grummer - City of Conway, Conway, USA; Francisco Mejias Villatoro - Alicante, Spain; Tanzil Shafique - Dhaka, Bangladesh 

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