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ORO Editions publishes exceptional books about architecture, urbanism, landscape architecture, photography, art, design, engineering, and related disciplines.

Chronicling leading-edge firms and practices of design professionals across the globe, ORO attributes its success to our team's deep appreciation of the talent and creativity of the artists, architects and designers we feature. Through an integrated blend of various disciplines, ORO produces exemplary objets d'art, showcasing books of original design and timeless beauty. In addition to the core publishing program, ORO has a long history of providing print, design, and a variety of publishing services. 

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Custom Publishing, Book Packaging and Product Development

With decades of experience in the design publishing, printing and book packaging industries, ORO’s team of professionals understands how powerfully a message can be conveyed in print and multimedia formats. In addition to publishing and packaging books for the global market, we also  create custom publishing projects. Clients who benefit from custom publishing can range from artists to universities to businesses and corporations who want to communicate their core values, both internally and externally, through print media and emerging digital formats. 


Throughout the past 25 years, ORO has produced some of the most important books in the illustrated-book marketplace. During this period, ORO founder Gordon Goff was responsible for the production of many noteworthy achievements in print design and production, including the seminal compilation Best of Flair for which he won the Literary Marketplace Award for Manufacturer of the Year. He also produced, and publishes, one of the top 100 photography books of all time, LaChapelle Land. With global resources and vested interests in a broad range of printing operations, ORO can deliver the highest-quality print manufacturing, competitively and reliably, for your printing needs. 

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Design/Creative Studio

ORO's in-house design studio is composed of bright, forward-thinking, award-winning artists and designers whose experience spans the range of graphic design from basic identity work to large format art volumes. Our multicultural team of designers brings a fresh, global perspective to the design vernacular, be it books, marketing collateral, packaging or complex design projects. Always innovative, our designers are capable of working within schedule and budget constraints, producing optimally appropriate work that reflects each client's desired vision. ORO's design studio complements its world-class publishing imprint, its production, printing and binding capabilities, as well as its marketing and distribution services. 


ORO has launched an App for the iTunes bookstore and is currently developing a growing list of new titles using the enhanced e-publishing V3.0 software available for download from the iBookstore.  A digital book can act as a stand-alone publication, or can supplement a traditional  book for a much broader reach. Contact us for a review of available options, including Distribution of ePublications. 


With working partners on six continents, ORO’s international distribution network offers unparalleled reach and visibility. A range of publishing programs provides an expanded awareness of our clients’ achievements throughout the world and in special sales environments beyond the reach of basic trade sales channels.

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Consulting Services

ORO combines a comprehensive understanding of design editorial, publishing, printing and manufacturing processes along with timely market insight to guide each project from conceptual development through to publication and worldwide distribution. Working closely with your team, ORO can help lead your project from initial concept to fulfillment.

Corporate Identity, Marketing Collateral, and Large-scale Development Proposals

ORO capitalizes on its industry expertise and proprietary design solutions to create everything from marketing brochures to bespoke tender proposals for multi-billion dollar projects. One example of such work is the successful seven volume proposal ORO created for the winning bid to develop the Marina Bay integrated resort for the Las Vegas Sands in Singapore.

Visualization, Animation, and Rendering

With our own team of architecturally trained, super-realistic digital imaging artists, we are able to produce the highest quality 2D and 3D renderings and multimedia animations with unparalleled artistic flair and accuracy. Always mindful of the designer's intent, yet aware of the marketing slant that may be needed, our end product caters to each client's requirements.

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