Reflections on Studying Architecture Abroad


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SpecificationsISBN: 978-1-954081-16-1 Binding: Soft Bound Pages: 120pp Publication Date: Fall 2021 Size: 5.5” x 7.8” Portrait World Rights: Available

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20×14. Reflections on Studying Architecture Abroad: twenty suggestions (or paternal exhortations, if you will) for the fourteen weeks of a regular academic semester. Twenty reflections (written during the 2020 lockdown in Firenze) that were drawn from twenty years of teaching architecture students abroad. As an outreach from one person under lockdown to another, this book will help enrich the experience in architecture for those who cannot observe them in actual proximity, for the time being.

Franco Pisani is an architect and educator based in Italy. Strongly tempted by the expanded opportunities offered by the “contamination” of apparently distant themes and disciplines, he includes within the profession of architecture research activities and didactic experiences. He lives and works in Firenze, where he runs his own professional office—FRANCOPiSANiARCHiTETTO—practicing design at all scales “from the spoon to the city.”

As an architectural educator he has taught both as professor and lecturer in different universities and schools in Italy and abroad. Currently he teaches Architecture Studio and Theory at the Architecture Program of ISI Florence, the International Studies Institute in Firenze.




Soft Bound



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Fall 2021


5.5” x 7.8” Portrait

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