a5 Architecture Series: Los Angeles

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a = Architecture
5 = examples from the past five year time period
a5 = Worldwide Documentary Series on premier Architecture of the past 5 years

The a5 Architecture Series, edited by Berlin-based architect Casey Mathewson, is our new book series focusing on architecture, interiors, and landscapes in selected global metropolises. The a5 Series is planned for publication in the coming years to showcase the world of architecture in such diverse metropolitan cities as Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Berlin and Singapore.

The series portrays the very best work done in the world’s creative capitals, and also focuses on visionary designs slated for construction over the coming years. Detailed working drawings are also included to enrich the contents and make the series even more relevant for all those interested in architecture and design.

The a5 series premiers in Spring 2010 with a volume devoted to the vibrant Los Angeles scene and will showcase the most innovative works created there since 2005 to document the resurgence of new ideas and new materials by world-class practitioners.

Casey C. M. Mathewson’s studied architecture at the University of Oregon and the Stuttgart Technical University. In 1988 he founded Mathewson Architektur Berlin (MAB), an institute devoted to building and research in architecture. The themes of Mathewson’s publications include human focus in architectural design, urban design in Germany, and the history of residential architecture. He lives in Berlin.


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