Asia Beyond Growth

Urbanization in the World's Fastest-Changing Continent


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As home to the most populated cities on the planet, Asia is an emerging world unto itself. AECOM’s Asia Beyond Growth is a vivid visual and analytical exploration of the context that will have the most significant impact on the world’s built, natural, and social environments. That context? An arc that spans from Shanghai to Dubai and which defines the area that is experiencing history’s most dramatic physical transformation. With sections devoted to such topics as “Vertical Growth” and “Infravestment,” Asia Beyond Growth is more than a mere chronicle of urban development. This volume is, rather, a complete text on how to adapt environments to the pace of population growth.

Edited by the global design and planning firm, AECOM (formerly EDAW), Asia Beyond Growth is an initiative of AECOM’s Design + Planning practice in Asia. Dedicated to responsible and productive use of the land, AECOM creates and restores urban and natural environments. Whether detailed designs, physical plans, or broad policy frameworks, we offer implementable solutions that promote sustainable use of resources and enhance quality of life. AECOM’s presence in Asia began in 1997 and now includes more than 400 landscape architects, urban designers and planners, environmental planners, ecologists and strategic planners. AECOM works on a variety of projects, both large and small, from designing parks and waterfronts for city governments, to restoring natural habitats. Within the wider context of AECOM, the Design + Planning practice in Asia is the design arm of a 4,000 strong team in Asia that is helping the world’s fastest growing continent to develop in a sustainable, sensible way.

The book is a vivid, visual atlas that explores the continent’s urban transformation through imagery, data and profiles of exemplary design and planning work that shines within this context.

Formed from some of the world’s leading consultancies, AECOM is a versatile and collaborative community of design and engineering professionals working in all contexts, at all scales. We have a shared purpose: to enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural, and social environments.


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