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Canada’s BC Binning House is arguably the first significant piece of modern residential architecture in Western Canada. Still standing in West Vancouver as a National Historic Site, the Binning House has influenced generations of architects and continues to do so today. The structure is often thought to be the beginning of Canada’s West Coast Modernism movement as it represents both the arrival of Modernist design principles and their inflection with local interests and conditions. But the house is much more than an important moment in the history of Canada’s regional architecture- it manifests a remarkable set of Binning’s preoccupations with geometry, optics and perception. Beyond his direct engagement with architecture, Binning is a key figure in Canadian art history who is renowned for his painting and drawing, with work held by major institutions including the National Gallery of Art. The confluence of his art and architecture amounts to a modest but breathtaking structure. While the house is beloved by a select group of architects, academics and local heritage buffs, its subtle splendors remain largely hidden to a wider audience. As part of ORO Editions’ SALA West Coast Modern House series, this is the first book devoted to this exceptional house, shedding new light on Binning’s ingenuity. Original photographs and drawings are presented along with writing that analyzes in detail what makes the architectural character of the house so special.

Matthew Soules is an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, and the principle of Matthew Soules Architecture. He received a Master of Architecture from Harvard University. His current research focuses on the relationship between contemporary capitalism and the built environment.

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The UBC SALA/West Coast Modern House Series, Vancouver’s vanishing architectural history preserved

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