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Once upon a time, closets were merely a place to store clothes. LA Closet Design presents Closet Design Bible – a compilation of ultra high-end closet spaces, spanning more than a decade’s worth of design from multiple countries. As the industry leader in custom closet design, Lisa Adams’ clientele includes world-renowned figures in entertainment, professional sports, politics, and business. Complete with boutique display lighting and all the techy extras, these spaces reflect the specific needs of each client, while challenging the conventional concept of the closet. For the first time, details from these very personal sanctuaries are made public, replete with rich imagery of carefully appointed spaces, giving readers an in-depth look at the fully customized design features of Lisa’s closets. Many of the designer’s own expert tips are included which will inspire readers to elevate this once overlooked space, and ultimately calm the chaos of everyday life.

Lisa Adams’ work challenges us to think of a closet as a personal sanctuary. By blending organization with aesthetics, spaces can be transformed to reflect personal style, allowing the closet to become a unique space where fashion and function intersect. Every closet is an opportunity to create a conversation that reflects its owner, clothing and intimate space.

Lisa Adams is the creative force behind LA Closet Design, a full service boutique firm catering to a global clientele and Hollywood’s elite. Her spaces have redefined the luxury dressing space for over a decade, blending aspirational aesthetics with innovative and efficient design solutions.

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