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Design Visualization

Exploring Expressive Visualization Through Art Fundamentals


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SpecificationsISBN: 978-1-941806-03-6 Binding: softbound Pages: 180pp Publication Date: Spring 2019 Size: 8.5” x 9.5” Portrait World Rights: Available

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Artistic principles of presentation are the most influential factors in formation of the observer’s interpretation of a certain object. Artists use these principles to enhance the communication of their ideas to their audience. This book aims to teach and emphasize the importance of these principles to designers so that they too, like artists, can present their ideas more expressively and communicate more easily with their audience. Design Visualization is intended to raise the artistic knowledge and perceptions of designers, which will be realized through observation the work of masters of art and analysis of the masters’ presentation methods, followed by offering ways of effectively applying these methods to the visualization and representation of design ideas. The book also describes the application of these principles to visualization and rendering, providing step-by-step examples. These examples include both digital and freehand drawing techniques as well as their combinations. The book offers simple steps for the visualization, each of which is taught analytically and illustratively.

Shima Rabiee is both an artist and designer. She has practiced as a landscape designer (at collaborative design and planning firms) in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, and Houston. She earned her Master’s degree in landscape architecture from the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to that, she earned her Bachelor of Architecture and her first Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the University of Tehran.

She has taught seminars and studios at the Academy of Art University, University of Tehran, and Shahid Beheshti University. Parallel to teaching, she has attended in a number of national and international conferences and has published international papers. Her interest is engaging “art” as a fundamental element in design and representation process and making a conclusive discussion through it that is functional, inspiring and necessary in design studios.







Publication date

Spring 2019


8.5” x 9.5” Portrait

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