Dialectic V

The Figure of Vernacular in Architectural Imagination


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This issue of Dialectic looks at the changing role of the conceptual category of “vernacular” in the history of architecture. Essays revise the definition of the term from architecture without architects to disciplinary explorations of the ordinary, modular, and standardized type-forms. Architectural scholars explore a spectrum of issues impacting the notion of “vernacular;” globalization, digitization, romanticism, critical practice, socially responsible design, and public interest ventures. Reports on the imagination of “vernacular” as a separate and authentic foil to contemporary life and design are featured alongside the radical deployment, not of its forms but its tactics by activist architects today. Dialectic V will make an excellent part of undergraduate and graduate syllabi on the topic with short and stand alone ar ticles. It also offers thought provoking reading for architects and thinkers interested in nuanced understanding of the contemporary built environment.

Shundana Yusaf is an Assistant Professor of Architectural History and Theory at the University of Utah. Her research juxtaposes colonial/postcolonial history with media studies, framing each as a force of globalization. She is the author of Broadcasting Buildings: Architecture on the Wireless, 1927–1945 (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2014). Her second book-length digital humanities project for the Society of Architectural Historians, entitled Archipedia Utah (Charlottesville: Virginia University Press, 2016–2017). Her current book, supported by Fulbright, The Resonant Tomb in the Muslim World, 1250 CE to Present, studies the auditory landscapes of the Sufi shrines in Central and South Asia.

Ole W. Fischer is an architect, theoretician, historian, and curator working on 20th and 21st century modern and contemporary architecture. Currently, he serves as Assistant Professor at the University of Utah. He lectured and published internationally on the history, theory, and criticism of architecture, amongst others in Archithese, Werk, JSAH, MIT Thresholds, Archplus, AnArchitektur, GAM, Umeni, Beyond, West 86th, Framework, and log. He co-edited Precisions – Architecture between Sciences and the Arts (Berlin: Jovis, 2008), the catalogue Sehnsucht – The Book of Architectural Longings (Vienna: Springer, 2010). He is the author of Nietzsches Schatten (Berlin: Gebr. Mann, 2012).

Esther Gubbay is graduate architecture student at the University of Utah. She brings an interest in art, graphic design, and photography to the field. Of French/Australian heritage, she grew up in Spain and received her undergraduate from the University of Westminster, London. She will begin architectural practice upon graduating in Spring 2017.

With contributions by:

Dell Upton, André Bideau, Benedikt Boucsein, Ole W. Fischer, Alicia Chester, Aaron Tobey, Danielle S. Willkens, Carey Clouse, Armaghan Ziaee, and Cramer Tolboe

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9" x 11.75" Portrait