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Tools, Techniques, and Methods


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The artist in each of us meets the world, geared with perfect travelogue tools.

Life is full of adventures, both planned and spontaneous. Engaging with the landscapes and people around us inspires our creative selves to communicate the pleasures and wonders of what we see. Lynn Craig and Cary Perkins’ new book Draw It: Tools, Techniques, and Methods is the perfect guide for a new artist—or an experienced one interested in deepening their technical skills. The book accompanies sketching and drawing techniques with illustrated examples, offering an accessible tutorial for travellers, students, or any pencil-bearing enthusiast.

Draw It is organized into three chapters. The first two contain multiple examples of sketching tools and drawing techniques, detailing the rules of perspective drawing, color theory, composition, and aerial perspective. The last chapter addresses serial view drawings and storyboard development. With a multitude of examples and practical advice, Craig has created a compact go-to book that supports the desire to draw, whether travelling the globe or sitting at home.

Nationally recognized design teacher and award-winning architect, Lynn Craig FAIA, RIBA teaches freehand drawing as a vehicle to visually analyze and communicate urban design, architecture, and landscape projects to both design students and professionals. Cary Perkins is a former student of Lynn Craig’s and a practicing architect with over ten years of experience in commercial and community-based design.

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