Dynamic Geographies


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Landscapes are forged by many forces and are dynamic, not static. Yet most landscape designs are designed as static; that is, they are designed not to change substantially for 20-50 years. As cities become the dominant living space for humans, allowing non-human forces to contribute to our designs as landscape architects will make for more resilient landscapes and a healthier planet. Making these dynamic landscapes with our non-human partners will require a new landscape esthetic, changing the public perception of “landscape,” and changing maintenance practices.

Dynamic Geographies seeks to address these perceptions with a series of our projects as examples—one for every of our 20 years in business. The book is divided into three segments of overlapping geographies: visible geographies, layered geographies, and unleashing geographies.

Barbara Wilks, the founder of W Architecture and Landscape Architecture, is a leader in design, known best for bringing together nature and the urban in lively urban ecologies for humans and other species.

Steven Handel is an American educator and restoration ecologist. Handel is currently Distinguished Professor of Ecology at Rutgers University and Visiting Professor at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Alison B. Hirsch, FAAR, is a landscape theorist, historian and designer, and is currently the Director of the University of Southern California School of Architecture Master of Landscape Architecture program. Both her design and written work focus on how understanding cultural practices and social histories and memories can contribute to the design of meaningful places.

Peggy Shepard is an environmental activist who co-founded WEACT for Environmental Justice and has a long history in organizing and engaging Northern Manhattan residents in community-based planning. She is a national leader in advancing environmental justice and policy combining grassroots organizing, environmental advocacy, and environmental health community based planning.

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Fall 2020


8.27" x 10.63" Portrait

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