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This single-structure monograph presents a masterpiece of modern design, showcased in stunning images and photography.  Internationally acclaimed architects, master planners, and interior designers at Benoy completed the Hong Kong Elements Mall in October of 2007.  Central to Benoy’s vision was the intention of creating a “sense of place.”  Simon Blore, Executive Director of Benoy in Hong Kong, believes that “each project needs to have a unique identity so that it relates to its place, its location.  This sense of place was created at Elements by adapting the Chinese Feng Shui principles off the five elements of nature.  This concept was then woven through the whole design as a narrative on nature with the external facades and art contributing to the story.”

Benoy’s design for Elements draws inspiration from ancient Chinese symbols, the five elements of nature–Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, and Metal–enrich the design with a variety of colors and textures, allowing the creation of five different, yet connected retail zones.  By introducing the concept of retail zones and variety in spatial character, Benoy addressed the key concern of orientation within the vast mall floor plate.  Elements Mall won the prestigious Urban Land Development Award for Excellence: Asia Pacific in July 2008.

Guy Allenby is a Sydney-based journalist and author.  He began his career writing about rock music, before specializing in design and architecture in the late 1980s.  During a long stint at the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, he wrote on subjects ranging from architecture and design to travel, television, and health.  His first book, Eight Great Houses (Presaro Publishing), was published in 2002.  Guy now writes for The Australian newspaper and a number of national and international magazines.  His biography of the renown mind-body medicine pioneer Ian Gawler, The Dragon’s Blessing (Allen and Unwin), was released in 2008.

Grischa Ruchendorf, born 1969 in Germany, studied photography in Berlin, where his final year there coincided with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  In the following years he documented the changes in Eastern Europe.  Grant money enabled him to photograph the struggle for independence in the Baltic countries in August 1991 and the ensuing disintegration of the Soviet Union.  The newly established Russian Federation then became a central part of his work as a features photographer.  In 1997, Grischa moved to Hong Kong where he works as a photographer in the Asia Pacific region specializing in people, lifestyle, and architectural photography.

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