Six Decades of Art-Making by Herb Greene


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Generations showcases six decades of the art and architecture of Herb Greene, informed by his interest in science and history. This “picture book” is organized to showcase large-scale images of Mr. Greene’s architectural work alongside his collage paintings and Armature drawings in a way that reveals the unified philosophy behind all of his work. Its purpose is to tell a story of the important interrelationships between art, science, and philosophy, which is described with simple narrative juxtaposed alongside these images.

“Here be a MIND. Frank Lloyd Wright once said ‘When a man builds, you have him; you know what he knows.’ Within the pages of this beautiful book you will enter the world of the mind of a man via images, which are shorthand expressions of ideas, and you will have the opportunity to ‘know what he knows.’ It’s all here for the taking. Just as poetry says much with few words, the visual poetry of the image conveys what words cannot. Acquaintance with this work transports me via a sensation similar to that which I experience when I read the line from William Blake, ‘The lineaments of gratified desire’. Take your time and immerse yourself in the mystery and imagination contained within and maybe you will discover what I mean.” – Bart Prince, Architect

Herb Greene is an architect who studied under the direction of Bruce Goff. His architecture received international acclaim and is published worldwide. Alongside his unique architecture is a body of collage paintings which express the same qualities and philosophies in painted form. His work is an analysis of a history in art and science that has shaped human experience in a continual exchange. The aim of his work has been to relate aspects of any event with aspects of any other event.

Lila Cohen is an architect who has collaborated with Herb Greene over the years on creating a platform for his work. Her own work focuses on the nature of human experience as it fits within the context of demanding environmental and socio-economic conditions.

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