Great Gothic Cathedrals of France

A Visitor's Guide


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Great Gothic Cathedrals of France guides the reader on a tour of twelve French cathedrals that best exemplify one of the greatest glories of Western civilization. From the beautiful facade of Notre-Dame in Paris to the transcendent beauty of the stained glass at Char tres, this book clarifies the significant elements of their architecture through text and images, including a chapter on how to “read” a stained glass window. The cathedrals of Amiens, Paris, Saint Denis, Chartres, Reims, Laon, Noyon, Soissons, Sens, Beauvais, Bourges and Troyes as well as Sainte-Chapelle are all presented to provide a clear understanding of these extraordinary buildings for both the reader and visitor to France.

Stan Parry was educated at UCLA and San Francisco State University and is now a retired public health and cancer research institute executive living in Palo Alto with his wife Melinda, an art historian. Melinda’s knowledge of Christian art and particularly medieval and renaissance iconography has been invaluable to the creation of this publication. Having traveled throughout France, they have accumulated over thirty years of photographs that document its magnificent architecture and beautiful landscape.

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