HOK 2015 Design Annual


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Celebrating sixty years of design and innovation in 2015, HOK is a global design, architecture engineering and planning firm committed to creating places that enrich people’s lives and help organizations succeed. Though its collaborative network of twenty-five offices worldwide, design excellence and innovation is delivered to a diverse clientele.

With HOK’s 60th anniversary, this year’s rendition of the Design Annual celebrates and emphasizes the firm’s dual commitments to aesthetic excellence and sustainably livable design. Prioritizing both artistic expression, and secure, environmentally responsible practices, HOK uses the latest technology and materials to further both goals.

HOK Design Annual 2015 provides a variety of images that illuminate the creative and construction processes: quick pencil drawings, precise computer-produced plans and lush, polished color photographs accompany descriptions of the design, intent and realization of each building—drawing from extensive experience to fulfill the needs of each client. Innovating freely without eroding the cultural legacy of a given organization, company or group, HOK shares dozens of new projects designed to blend human need, environmental stewardship, value creation science and art.

HOK is embodied by their mission statement: “We connect people and place with ideas that come from many minds and imaginations. We care about serving our clients, enriching lives, improving communities and protecting our natural environment through design.” They undertake projects on behalf of clients in Asia, including India, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Europe.

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15th March 2015