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HOUR 25 is the first volume of the HKU Architecture Papers, a student-edited series of annual publications chronicling the design work of the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. A production milestone, HOUR 25 demonstrates cutting-edge application of unique, unparalleled printing and binding technology. Each page is die-cut, using a step-and-repeat engineering process to exhibit an 8-minute interval—with each 8-minute timeframe featured on a spread, 360 pages chronicle the demanding 24-hour design process in an architectural workshop, while providing a window into contemporary design education.With an emphasis on process and critical reflection, the series provides a window into contemporary design education in Hong Kong.

Initiated and edited by a group of architecture students at the University of Hong Kong, HOUR 25 creates a platform for architectural discourse through highlights of the year’s best student works, critical essays from staff, reviews of programming, and a chronicle of the department’s work.

The 25th hour is a critical moment for architects: the space beyond the daily routine of 24 hours.  It also exemplifies the struggle of architecture students: lack of sleep due to endless studio work.  24 hours a day is simply not sufficient.
In response to overwhelming media saturation in the architectural field, which tends the pursue fashionable images but often suffers from a poverty of content, HOUR 25 actively engages the readers’ critical thinking towards the built environment locally and globally.  Supported by the Department of Architecture but initiated and edited by students, HOUR 25 is an authentic production of the next generation of leaders in the field, and a valuable commentary to a year of vigorous engagement in architectural discourse.

Tony Yam Sai Tung, Choi Kit Wang, Lai Wing Fung, Chan Yiu Kwan and So Tze Shun are the core executive editors behind HOUR 25. They met while students in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. The intensive studio environment of the Department soon became a platform for them to share architectural aspirations and discuss other social and cultural roles for architecture. In 2011, while completing their Masters theses, their passion lead to their first private production, Section, a parody of Hollywood movie Inception adapted in the context of architecture student life. The film was highly acclaimed amongst students and professors at the Department and was later invited to screen at the Response Exhibition to Quotidian Architectures, Hong Kong in Venice. Shortly after, they formed a team comprising 25 fellow students and initiated the HOUR 25 project. The visionary idea behind this project was highly supported by the Department. Its revolutionary book design and critical statement reflects the team’s prospect of the current architectural discourse.

Yam, Choi, Lai, Chan and So are currently based in Hong Kong, Shanghai and San Francisco. They spend their 25th hour and beyond on a number of on-going and future productions, including animations, films, installations, exhibitions, architectural designs and building projects.

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