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Having gone through more than seven years of architectural and design studies, Jimmy Doctor found that all those years spent studying architecture and interior design did not give him even a glimpse of what goes into detailing a piece of furniture like a sofa, a chair, or a table. In architectural school, lecturers never taught how a timber-paneled wall should be placed against a masonry wall or how a reception counter should be detailed. After graduating, Doctor and his colleagues struggled to understand how these items could be detailed so that a craftsman or carpenter could put them all together. In turn, one could only learn from older colleagues, who in turn had learned from their past experiences. It is apparent that the knowledge Jimmy Doctor has gained over his long career can and will be of use to future graduates – this, Interior Detailing, book has been written to share that knowledge.

Jimmy F. Doctor, is an architect and interior designer. Having graduated from the Department of Architecture at the J. J. School of Art, Bombay, India, he was awarded a Government Diploma in Architecture (G. D. Arch.). This was followed by a Bachelor’s degree in interior design (B.I.D.) from the Department of Interior Design, University of Manitoba, Canada. Further studies in interior design, jewelry design, exhibition design, and architectural rendering at the Pratt Institute led to working as an associate with two of the leading interior design firms in the US and England and as a senior associate of two of the leading interior design firms in Asia.

During his association with various design firms, he has given interior design direction on various international five-star hotel projects, including: Hyatt Hotels in Brussels, the Caspian Sea, Tehran, and Mashhad; Sheraton Hotels in Bahrain, Brussels, Doha, and Dubai; the Inter-Continental Hotel in Athens; the Regent Hotel in Kuala Lumpur; and the Banyan Tree Hotel, in Phuket. He was awarded scholarships to study interior design in Canada from the following: the Bombay Parsi Punchayat Trust, Bombay-India; the RD Sethna scholarship fund, Bombay-India; and for his design and execution of the center for the Dyslexia Association of Singapore, he was honored with a plaque, awarded to him by Mrs. Goh Chok Tong (wife of the former Prime Minister of Singapore). He established JFD Designs Pte Ltd. in May 1997 in Singapore and is the present owner and director of the firm. His focus has been the design of a number of large residential homes, apartments, restaurants, clinics, offices, and more throughout Southeast Asia.


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Fall 2018


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