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TIME is ticking. That’s what it does. Or at least that’s how we represent what we don’t understand. For physics, time is a byproduct of so called space-time, elastic goo created at the very moment that something came from nothing; the moment eternity stopped and the universe began. For geology, time is 4.5 billion years of compression and catastrophe. For biology time is 3.5 billion years of diversification and now the urgency of the sixth extinction. For anthropology time is 150 thousand years since mitochondrial Eve walked out of the rift valley in Ethiopia. For historians, time begins with Herodotus (484 BC) and ends, or rather doesn’t, with Fukuyama’s The End of History. For architecture time is ruination. For landscape architecture time is ephemerality, entropy, and growth. For all of us time is running out.

LA+ TIME invited speculations on the question of time from all disciplines. IN THIS ISSUE:
– Anthropologist Tim Ingold reflects on performance artist Tehching Hseih’s career of multiple year-long performances linking art, time, and life.
– Landscape ecologist Erle Ellis offers a polemic on design’s role in regard to the highly modified ecosystems of the Anthropocene.
– Ecologist Steward Pickett sets out the three kinds of time in ecological science.
– Philosopher Mark Kingwell asks how time is dependent on human consciousness.
– Landscape architects Fiona Harrison + Marian Macken look at how designers draw time.
– Art historian James Nisbet opens up the fascinating world of site-specific landscape art and how Richard Serra’s sculpture Shift has coped with its changing environment.
– Historian and author of Cartographies of Time Daniel Rosenberg looks at time through the lense of On Kawara’s famous date paintings.
– Tasmanian landscape architect Emma Sheppard-Simms reviews the changing world of cemetery design.
– LA+ asks prominent landscape historians Christophe Girot, Kathryn Gleason + Sonja Dümpelmann three burning questions about landscape architecture and time.
– Architect and author Mark Raggatt takes us on a ride through the visually compelling temporal works of Australian artist Daniel Crooks.
– Landscape architect Ann Marie Schneider investigates the dynamic interplay of social and ecological systems in “Designing Dialectical Landscapes.”
– Australian landscape architect Jock Gilbert explores the Australian Indigenous peoples’ understanding of landscape through time.
– Casey Brown, research director of MIT’s P-Rex thinktank, moves the conversation to deep space time, walking us through the public and private space mining missions planned for the near future.
– Noël van Dooren from the Netherlands discusses how time has always been an integral feature of the work of landscape architects.
– Architects David Escudero + Rodrigo de la O champion a restrained reverence for the past in their review of five exemplary Spanish cultural heritage landscape projects.
– Through a series of Pantone-like swatches of the Edingburgh sky at different different times of day, artist and landscape architect Mark Eischeid investigates the role of time in defining color.
– And, Italian architect Valerio Morabito poetically sketches his take on representation of time.

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