LaChapelle Land

Photography by David LaChapelle


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SpecificationsSKU: LaChapelleLandSize: 11” x 14” portrait Pages: 152 Binding: Hardcover Publication Date: May 1996 ISBN: 978-0-9820607-6-6 World Rights: Available

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The marriage of David LaChapelle’s vivid, high-octane images with graphic artist, Tadanori Yokoo’s super-saturated designs, is an astonishing showcase for lollipop giddiness. LaChapelle exaggerates the artificiality of fame and Hollywood culture in a head-on collision of color, plastic, and whimsy. His photographs challenge ideas of taste and celebrity, while taking us on a roller coaster ride through a hyper-sensationalized galaxy. L’il Kim becomes the ultimate status symbol, tattooed in the Louis Vuitton pattern. Madonna rises from pink waters as a mystical dragon princess. Pamela Anderson hatches out of an egg. One of the seminal photographic books of the twentieth century.

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11” x 14” portrait





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May 1996



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