Landscape Frontiers 046

Prototype Study in Landscape Architecture


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In its history of over a hundred of years, landscape architecture has developed many ideas, concepts, methods, and models. In this issue, LA Frontiers focuses on prototype studies by examining those traceable and repeatable landscape theories, methodologies, and pedagogies, and introducing the knowledge from allied disciplines to inspire knowledge innovation, with a particular highlight on the prototypes adaptive to future uncertainties. It hopes to extend the disciplinary horizon and enrich the fruition of disciplinary growth, and to provide designers and scholars with prospective design thoughts and more resilient working methods.

This issue explores the following aspects: First, prototyping process, or test planning process, which is characterized for the test-planning-design process and has been widely applied in the fields of computer sciences and industrial design but still being less explored in landscape architecture. This process emphasizes the multi-disciplinary collaboration and test procedure before design, which would improve the communication efficiency among professionals from different fields. Second, reflection and innovation on classic theories and models in landscape planning and design, such as Ian McHarg’s Map Overlay and Carl Steinitz’s Six Steps model. Third, research-based design, including design research or competitions with clear goals and boundary conditions which help designers comprehend the essence and implications of design and encourage disciplinary innovation. And fourth, inductive and empirical pedagogies to inspire forward-looking design ideas and working methods.

Kongjian Yu  is a doctor of design at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, he is an honorary foreign fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a professor at the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Peking University.

Noha Ahmed Abd El Aziz has a PhD and is an associate professor in the Urban Design Department, Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University.

Paolo Vincenzo Genovese is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Architecture, Tianjin University.

Kevin Thwaites is a senior lecturer in the Department of Landscape Architecture and is the founder and co-leader of the Socio-spatial Urbanism Unit (SsUU), at the University of Sheffield.

Zihao Zhang is a PhD candidate in constructed environment and is a lecturer in landscape architecture at the School of Architecture, University of Virginia.

Zhaowu Yu is an assistant professor and is a PhD Supervisor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Faculty of Science, at the University of Copenhagen.

Christian Nolf is an associate professor and program director of MSc urban design in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at Xi’an Jiaotong Liverpool University. He is also the director of the Jiangnan Lab.

Xiaoxuan Lu is an assistant professor of landscape architecture at the University of Hong Kong.

Halina Steiner is an assistant professor at the Landscape Architecture Section, Knowlton School of Architecture, at The Ohio State University.

Siu Man Kwok is the secretary general at the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Ecology and Landscape Alliance (GBAELA).




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Spring 2021


11" x 11.5" Portrait

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