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Let’s Experience Design reveals the thought and process behind design, illustrated through the work of ONG&ONG experience design studio. Their book enables readers to recognize design in everything they encounter, from supermarket queues to text-message emoji, cashier tallies to payment methods. We encounter design decisions all around us, often unaware of the thought, planning and understanding of human behavior that inform such seemingly aesthetic and sometimes prosaically practical creations. Too often we look at our surroundings passively, slipping into an unconscious value judgment to “like” or “dislike.” Let’s Experience Design conveys the process behind the spaces designed by ONG&ONG experience design studio, capturing the intrinsic qualities that prompt a visitor to remain in a building, store, or office for an extended period of time rather than just minutes. An indefinable quality envelops these places, all the direct result of deft design knowledge and application.


Mark Wee is the director of ONG&ONG experience design studio. An architect, artist, and design thinker, his architecture has won design awards including the URA Heritage Award, the Singapore Institute of Architects Design Award, the Interior Design Confederation (Singapore) Award, and that nation’s most prestigious President’s Design Award. His poise and professionalism led him to represent Singapore at the Venice Architectural Biennale in 2008, which is the oldest and most esteemed architectural exhibition in the world. On a more down-to-earth level, Mark has coached numerous private and public sector organizations in their use of design thinking to solve difficult challenges, challenges which include policy issues, building of innovative cultures, rethinking educational approaches, and even training future government leaders to be more empathetic. Wee studied architecture at Cornell University, and also speaks and teaches regularly on both architectural design, design thinking, and service innovation.Ken Yuktasevi, co-director of the ONG&ONG experience design studio, is a designer, artist, and cultural entrepreneur. His specialty is the field of experiential design; Yuktasevi works across the fields of architecture, interior design, branding, and organizational transformation. Ken is deeply moved and motivated by human stories on celluloid, which he then transferred to three-dimensional spaces. This began with his directorship at Leo International Design Group, and continued later at UNION Experience, which he co-founded with Mark Wee in 2006. Together they have worked on prestigious projects for Singapore Airlines, OCBC Bank, the Singapore Stock Exchange, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and the Kempinski Hotel in Moscow. Yuktasevi studied arts and design at Stowe College in the United Kingdom where he received the Roxburough Prize for Architecture before going on to receive a BA in film and cinematography from Bond University in Australia.

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