New York

A Photographic Album


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60 New York lovers made portraits of details of the city as a way of making it their own. A lot of us hold to the illusion that we belong to New York and that New York belongs to us. What is so special about this city that it can create such a personal bond with all of us? New York A Photographic Album is born as the first of a series of books meant to show the relationship between cities and the people who love them. This book is a travel log, of our journey, and another’s, and of our own again, because when we recognize ourselves in the photographs someone else has taken, we are building the same horizon, New York: A Photographic Album, my experience and the experience of the others brought together in a single book, diverse points of view in a single album, the declaration of love for the city we cherish.


4.33 x 5.78





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May 2009



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