Planet LED

A New Spectral Paradigm


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Planet LED is a book filled with bright ideas. LED technology has long been recognized as a revolution in lighting capability and energy efficiency. Since its inception in the 1960s its development has known few boundaries, literally lighting the way of the future. There are pioneers in the field of design – many of whom are included in this publication – who explore the possibilities of LED lighting for the world. Through a series of chapters containing exclusive interviews and commentary, multiple aspects of the prospective growth of LED technology are discussed, bringing the viewer into lighting world through exciting and maverick approaches from inception to realization.

This book will stand out on a shelf because of its comprehensive look at LED’s, backed up by superb images of the world’s best installations. Unlike any other book on the market, Planet LED takes an in-depth look at every level of this remarkable new technology. The book tackles the impact LEDs have made to commercial and social environments. The many interviewees hail from every segment of the business and are the industry’s formative creative and spiritual leaders.

Planet LED focuses on every part of the LED sector: engineering, lighting design, architecture, advertising and art. Although informative to the initiated, the language is non-technical so will appeal to laymen and a variety of readers from many different trades. The book includes informed and engaging forewords by industry experts, as well as talks to the forerunners in the field of LED development and design. In addition to individuals, there is feedback from multinational companies and design firms.

The author, Teddy Lo, has first-hand knowledge of how LED technology has evolved and the amazing effects it has had upon our living space. He’s keen to share his experience of why environmentally friendlier lighting technology is so special. He wants to tell the world about LED.

Teddy Lo is an LED artist known for his work in the “tech-art” scene. He has held exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia and was named in Lighting magazine’s “Who’s Who of Lighting 2004”. Since then, Lo has held solo exhibitions in various locations.

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