The Visual Biography of Color


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The Visual Biography of Color is a first chance at a second look at color, which is so often overlooked in every day living.

While other books discuss the phenomenon of color from a cultural perspective, The Visual Biography of Color reveals color through time by using information graphics and other forms of data visualization to describe color’s cultural role. The book moves the reader through the visible spectrum, as they turn the pages they exist inside of red, then orange, then yellow. In red, they encounter the evolution of red states in the U.S., the compilation of every red subway line in every major world city collapsed onto a single page, and they see a radiant wheel that displays every major song that has red in its title. As they continue to move through the book they’ll read about how artists, musicians, and other great thinkers have considered individual colors.

Color is vital as a communicating cultural mechanism. Instead of a pure revelation of conceit, the book embraces what one might consider high-brow and low-brow culture, embracing colloquialisms and idioms that reveal how deeply embedded the idea of color is in our color full world.

Frank Jacobus is an associate professor in the Fay Jones School of Architecture + Design at the University of Arkansas and a principal of the award winning architecture firm SILO AR + D. Among his recent projects is a new book titled Archi-Graphic: An Infographic Look at Architecture, published by Laurence King. This book uses the enormity of accessible data about the discipline of architecture and gives it qualities through new diagrammatic organizations. Frank’s work has been disseminated widely in Architect Magazine, Slate, FastCompany Design, ArchDaily, and many other publications.

The Visual Biography of Color Reviewed in Communication Arts Magazine

Book Review: The Visual Biography of Color

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