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Founded in 1989 by architect Tony Joseph, Stapati has become a leading Indian architectural consultancy. Timeless Resorts explores Stapati’s sanctuary design philosophy through the resorts showcased within, refuges where time does indeed stand still.

Meandering through its pages, this book’s journey is akin to a virtual vacation. Stapati’s Timeless Resorts demonstrates sensitive understanding of the cultural issues across India and the Seychelles woven together with a respectful commitment to the integrity of the larger environment. Through stunning colorful photography, detailed sketches and drawings, Timeless Resorts depicts eleven hospitality projects, captivating with more than stunning design through the reinterpretation of the vernacular of contemporary living; traditional details flourish in fresh modern contexts, transcending time and place.


Author: Sujith G.S. is an Indian-born architect who is passionate about writing, blogging, and architectural photography. A regular contributor to various architectural publications, he has been a guest jury member for several architecture schools in India and shares his perspectives on architecture and design through his blog Architecture Student’s Corner. He is presently researching a monograph on the architecture of Laurie Baker.

Foreword: Christopher Benninger is one of India’s most renowned architects whose projects address the complex issues of design, context, climate, materials, sustainability, and technology, amid the client’s programmatic needs. His recent book, Letters To A Young Architect, focuses on the practice of architecture in developing societies and was a top-ten nonfiction bestseller for eighteen weeks in India.

Editor: Abraham Tharakan is the Founder/Editor for FWDlife magazine. A copywriter and art director at various national and international ad agencies and a consultant for projects related to history, architecture, pop culture, and publishing, Tharakan continues to mentor startups for innovative design and operations solutions with a focus on technology

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